Studio Chocolate


I have followed Studio Chocolate on Instagram for a while now as I have always looked in awe at their artisan chocolates that appear hand-painted with stunning glossy designs. Their attention to detail and craftsmanship is something very admirable. 

My friend and I walked past the store in Cobden Chambers on the way to the Dash Garden Cafe and therefore it would have been rude not to explore inside after we had eaten. The whole shop dedicated to chocolate screamed their obsession, which I loved. It was almost as if their Instagram feed had exploded into a small physical space. I did not think it would be possible, but the individual counter was even more beautiful in real life. Each chocolate flavour had a unique design that wasn’t necessarily directly linked to the flavour inside; this added to the appeal for me. Some of my favourite designs were the cosmic collection and abstract frog and water lily coloured one. Each was a little work of art, bold and anything but ordinary - something I have never seen before in chocolate.

While in the boutique, I wasn’t necessarily expecting to come out with any treats, I really just wanted to see the space for myself, but we could not resist. The women in the store kindly read out the great selection of cakes and cookies from a list a couple of times so we could make a decision; they do not have signs in front of the selection as it changes every day. We both found it very hard to choose so in the end we thought it would be best to get two and split them in half. We selected the chocolate fudge cupcake with praline frosting and a chocolate orange double cookie stack.

As a result of it being such a wonderful day outside, we opted to sit in the shade on one of the communal benches in the courtyard to devour the goodies. We borrowed a knife from the shop so we could share the two cakes. The sun and warmth were making it very messy to eat, but it was so worth getting sticky. The chocolate cake had a gooey middle and plenty of frosting. I am usually not a massive fan of chocolate orange but this was my friend’s choice, and I must say that I possibly enjoyed this one more than the cupcake. The cookies were crispy which I loved and the chocolate orange frosting was not too overpowering. Both came with a small chocolate disk on top with the Studio Chocolate Logo on. 

The portions and size of the treats were very generous for the price - the cookie was bigger than the palm of my hand, not forgetting that it was a double cookie sandwich.

I have to be honest; I was worried that as a result of the treats looking almost too good to eat and bursting with colour, it wouldn’t be translated into the flavour. But I was definitely wrong. They were some of the best sweet treats I have eaten in a while and they were certainly satisfying; I sincerely recommend you try them out if you are ever in Nottingham.


FoodRachel Fox