Tapas at Revolución de Cuba


Last minute, I was asked by my work experience employer if I wanted to join them for a meal that evening with the five women who also work in the office. I usually don’t agree to attend spontaneous events, however I thought this would be a great opportunity to get to know the women that I was working with a bit better and also to have a social evening celebrating my amazing time in TTK.

I had never been to Revolución de Cuba even though I have walked past it many times. This location was chosen since TTK won the employer award at the Grads4Nottm, which I was also a part of, for being the most social during the two week challenge. This meant that they received four free meals and we would only have to cover the rest.

We walked into live music being played, setting the ambience from the first second we stepped foot into the space. It is a tapas cocktail bar and restaurant and they really do want each guest to experience the spirit of Cuba. Maximal interiors span the entire space with grand pillars, red posts holding up the high decorative ceiling and deep wooden tables with a candle positioned on each as the centre piece. Gold-toned warm lighting also added to the extravagant feel and referenced a holiday setting in the golden sun.

The majority of other ladies went for an exotic cocktail, but I chose a soda water with lime which was refreshing and full of ice. Jugs of water were also placed in the middle of the tables.

We were given small tapas plates so we could taste a little of each dish. I tried all of the veggie options that were ordered; these all came with a mini ‘veggie’ green flag stuck in them so this made picking off each plate very easy for the none meat eaters like myself. The table was full of food as we ordered tapas for six people, but each individual dish looked amazing.

I cannot remember everything that I tried as a result of being passed dish after dish by the others to try, however some of my favourites were charred halloumi, butternut squash and courgette, lightly coated in a chilli jam glaze, sliced sweet potato topped with spinach, peas and sour cream, jackfruit chilli nachos and the ‘beetballs’, beetroot, coriander and mint, in a rich tomato sauce. We also ordered sides of sweet potatoes fries, normal fries and battered courgette to share between us. Each dish was full of flavour which brought the spirit of the island; everything I tried was delicious.

I was extremely full after the meal, trying a range a new things that I had never had before. This was the first time that I have had tapas, but I now understand why people love it so much. Not only can you try a little of everything and try new dishes, it adds to the community feel with everyone discussing the dishes and passing plates between each other - it is a real social experience.


FoodRachel Fox