Lunch at Argo Lounge 


Argo Lounge has been open in my home town for a couple of years now and I hadn’t been until one of my friends suggested a lunch catch-up there. The interior and low level lighting reminded me a lot of that of the Cosy Club with an eclectic mix of features such as old club chairs and tasseled lampshades, bold colours and old portraits hung on loud seventies wallpaper.

One of the girls I went with is vegan and I am veggie and we were both surprised by the range of options available for us, so much so that it made it very difficult to select what we wanted to eat. They even had a separate gluten free and vegan menu to make it very convenient to compare all of our free-from options.

I was quite fancying a sandwich for lunch; however I was drawn to the Vegan Falafel and Avocado wrap on the menu. Therefore I asked when ordering if I could have this option but as a sandwich in brown bread and they were very accommodating. They really were not sparing with the fillings either as it came packed full of delicious crispy and golden falafel, large chunks of avocado, as well as a layer of carrot tapenade, pickled red cabbage and wild rocket. All of the sandwiches came with a side of their house slaw and a choice of sauces. 

My friends likewise loved their meals; they did look amazing. Laura chose the Vegan BLT which she very much enjoyed and Rhiannon selected the all-day brunch option of Halloumi and Sweetcorn Pancakes. I was also tempted by these, but, for some reason I assumed they would be sweet pancakes. However, the fluffy savoury pancakes were beautifully served with avocado, tomato salsa, black beans and a perfectly poached egg on top.

The girls both got drawn into the vegan pudding menu and opted for the carrot cake, which surprisingly came with vegan cream cheese and a dark chocolate and orange torte slice. As a result of being too full after my enormous toasted sandwich, I did not get a desert; nevertheless I was kindly offered a taste of both of their cakes. The chocolate torte was very rich and had a very strong orange flavour and the carrot cake also had a strong flavour, but had a very fluffy sponge and smooth frosting. Both would not be my usual choice, however they were very moorish and delicious; the perfect size too. 

There were so many other vegan and veggie brunch, mains and puddings options that I would have similarly loved to have tried. Therefore now I know the extent of their free-from menu, I will certainly be more eager to return to the chain. 


FoodRachel Fox