Hamilton the Musical 


Hamilton is a musical that has been so highly reviewed and raved about on social media, as well as by my friends who have luckily seen it. The tickets were sold out every time we previously tried to book, however my dad kindly managed to get three tickets for my mum’s birthday.

After spending the morning shopping and eating a lovely meal at lunch time, we headed to the Victoria Palace theatre for the Saturday matinée performance. I always love the experience at the London theatres, no matter what musical we are seeing. I found that it was a confident but not flashy show with a minimal industrial set and choreography that allows the music, words and striking cast in period dress to take centre-stage.

The show had a rollercoaster of a story-line, one that I admittedly was not aware of before watching the performance. Having said this, I found it easier to follow as it went along. My friend had told me that there was a large historical focus that my dad would enjoy, but what I enjoyed was the combination of historical events with attention to detail: one example is the way the long awaited letter that gives Hamilton command of a battalion in the fight with the British by passing it from hand to hand like an electrified baton.

With all of the themes presented in the show, which I do not want to spoil/give away, it really is a sociological phenomenon. The info-heavy numbers and balanced by a sense of humour and fun which come with hilarious comments, facial expressions and infernally catchy songs and melodies. 

Miranda’s use of rap, hip-hop and R&B was astonishing and has such a sense of perpetual motion and verbal agility. The music and lyrics combine two things that I would not have expected to experience together: political passion and nimble wit. The power of the whole ensembles’ voices was so enthusiastic and passionate when presenting the revolutionary anthem. The characters have an immense authority, reminding the audience that words were always Hamilton’s most effective weapon and tool.

My friend has been playing the songs on repeat for months and I now understand why. The music was one of the best elements for me; each number had a rapid momentum, which was largely complemented by the choreography that moved at speed; the performances also matched the variety and energy of the music. 

Even though my parents were pessimistic as to whether they would enjoy the performance as much as a sing a long musical, we all loved it; the actors/actresses were incredible, all with great artistic flare. I would say that it might be one of the best pieces of art, of any variety, that I have seen in a long time. 

I must say that I was worried that the show wouldn’t meet up to all of the hype and therefore my high expectation, but it really did not disappoint; the energy of the characters was infectious making it a very enjoyable show that I would highly recommend. 


LeisureRachel Fox