Fare Magazine


My next Stack magazine came through the door and this month was Fare Magazine, again another publication I possibly would not have discovered without the subscription. Food and travel are two of my favourite things and therefore I was excited when I discovered that Fare is a food-focused travel magazine. 

This issue solely explores the depth of culture in Glasgow. The pages are full of warmth which to me represents the buzzing atmosphere that exits in the city. I did not previously realise the extent to which Glasgow is an inspired home for self-starters and young creatives; everyone always talks about London being the place for creative talent with light rarely shed on anywhere else.

The portrayal of the lively city is what transported me into the magazine; I am a lover of open green spaces which Glasgow appears to be in abundance. It seems to be a place that’s full of lush greens, as well as bright sandstone housing and Art Nouveau constructions. Flicking through the pages, it was as if I was getting a whistle stop tour of Glasgow’s most successful independent cafes and restaurants, each with a very distinctive style.

As stated in the publication, the city is an ‘...unlikely hub of vegan and vegetarian dining,’ which I enjoyed looking through and seeing the beautiful and crisp photographs of food such as leak and kale soup and puddings like white chocolate and caramel fondant (which looked amazing), as well as traditional afternoon teas. It was the pages towards the back of the magazine that really caught my attention...homemade fresh bread. The ‘black bun’ was a tradition gift given by the first entrants to a home on New Year’s Day. The smell of bakeries and fresh bread is one of the most divine smells for me; this inviting feeling was the mood that I picked up from the pages. 

Not only did I enjoy reading and flicking through the magazine, I have now found a perfect example of the finish and size I would ideally like my third year final report to be. The pages are slightly smaller than A4 which I love and the craft-feel pages add to the artisan, hand-made and crafted narrative and emotion throughout the magazine.


Lifestyle, FCPRachel Fox