Dash Cafe and Zero Waste Store


Ever since I discovered Cobden Chambers in my first year on uni in Nottingham, I have been meaning to go to the cafe at the bottom of the courtyard. My friend from home came to visit and arrived at lunch time but I was struggling for inspiration of where new to take her for some food and then I remembered the cafe. A Garden Cafe seemed the perfect choice for a roasting hot summer’s day. 

As a result of never seeing a menu for the space, I was expecting a small selection of sandwiches, a couple of cakes and the usual hot drink selection. However I was very pleasantly surprised by what we walked into and wish I had discovered the small, quaint vegan cafe earlier. 

What I thought the most successful part of the cafe was the fact that they support the local small producers in Nottingham and offer locally grown biodynamic organic vegetable dishes. Each meal is freshly made with artisan ingredients right in front of the customer’s eyes which was also great to see.

As a result of the sun beaming down, inside was quite quiet which was perfect for a long catch up with my friend, it gave us the space and time to have some quality time together. This was made even better by delicious food. 

The menu had a wide range of options from toasted sourdough, hot dishes of the day, salads and vegan pastries and cakes. I didn’t fancy an overly hot meal so I selected the toastie with vegan salt and pepper cheese and sun-dried tomatoes which came with a dressed salad. Seeing that there were three flavours of cheese to select from, I had high expectations. I must say that I am not usually a fan of vegan cheese as I find it quite rubbery, however this was definitely an exception; it was creamy and crumbly and delicious. I believe it is available in the shop so I am planning on venturing back to pick some up to take home. 

My friend had the pesto gnocchi which came with radish, celeriac, salad, pine nuts and garden peas, which was also satisfying and tasty. I was very impressed with the portion sizes and the quality of the dishes; ours were both beautifully presented.

I was rather tempted by the cakes, especially the peanut slice; however we decided to explore somewhere different for a sweat treat. The Dash Garden Cafe is definitely somewhere I will be revisiting in the near future.

After we had finished eating, we explored their zero waste shop upstairs. They had a lot of my favourite vegan snacks and chocolates on offer, as well as the chance to take recycled containers and refill everything from lentils to washing up liquid. My friend and I spent some time looking at the zero waste sanitary items, shampoo bars, tooth paste and other innovative plastic free beauty products.


FoodRachel Fox