Chicago The Musical


Last Saturday, my parents and I took a trip to Nottingham Lakeside Arts to see Chicago The Musical. We had had this booked for quite a few months as my yoga teacher and friend was scheduled to be in the performance, however due to circumstances she was unable to do it. Although I was disappointed I would not see her perform, I was excited to do something a little different with my family. 

I thoroughly enjoy going to the West End in London to see shows with my family as we typically do this to celebrate a special occasion like a birthday. Although the theatre at the Lakeside Arts does not exactly compare the ones in London, it was equally great to watch a live performance. 

I used to be in the school production every year at secondary school which is where I had come across Chicago before. We put on a ‘West End to Broadway’ show where we performed the most famous numbers from a selection of productions. Therefore, I only was familiar with a couple of the songs and the narrative was largely unknown to me. I was worried about not being able to follow the story line, but the performers did a great job of carrying the audience into each scene with them.

Although it was clear that some of the actors hadn’t had loads of dance and performance experience, it is always great to see people using groups like this to build their confidence and get involved. Having said this, overall the performers put on a wonderful show, making the most of the limited stage surface area and sharing their enthusiasm with the audience; it certainly put a smile on my face. The individuals playing Velma and Roxie were very professional and had amazingly powerful voices. The song where Roxie acted as a puppet was the most effective for me; she did not blink once and her movements effortlessly demonstrated her attachment to invisible strings.

I am really pleased that we went along to support the amateur dramatics group and Mind charity that they were collecting for at the end of the show. My parents and I have already discussed keeping an eye out for future upcoming events and shows at the gallery. 


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