A Las Iguanas Vegan Dinner


As I had never been to Las Iguanas before, my friend suggested we should go. I am more than ever up for trying new types of foods and am more likely to experiment when I am out, picking something off a menu that I wouldn’t necessarily cook for myself at home. I was a little worried that that the authentic flavours of the Latin American menu would be too strong and spicy for my preference, but I was certainly proved wrong.

The interior was fun and decorative with maximal colour which reminded me of the extravagance of the Rio Olympics opening ceremony. We went straight after work on a Monday evening and therefore it was not overly busy so we could select where we sat. We opted for the circular booth cushioned seats which I think made the visit even more comfortable and warming.

I was very pleased when I was asked at the door whether we required a veggie menu, as this is still rare at most chain restaurants. The vegetarian and vegan options were extensive, so much so that I was almost overwhelmed by the choice which ranged from tapas to main dishes from Brazil, Mexico and Peru; there was also a wide range of sides.

Between catching-up, we managed to select what we fancied off the menu. My friend went for the veggie chilli, which I was also very tempted by, which consisted of sweet potato, butternut squash and chickpeas and came with crispy blue corn tortillas, whereas I selected the smoked chipotle pulled jackfruit burrito bowl. Their presentation of dishes was amazing; mine came in a deep circular bowl filled with black beans, avocado, grated vegan cheese, slaw and salsa. Both dishes were packed full of flavour and the best part of mine was the jackfruit which was sweet and had a soft texture; this combined with the melted cheese, beans and rice made the meal for me.

We also treated ourselves to a dessert. Although I was drawn to the brownie and cookie combo, I wanted to try something new so I had the Chocolate Coconut Tart. This was rich and indulgent but was balanced by the nutty base and scoop of dairy-free coconut ice cream, meaning it wasn't too sickly. My friend also devoured her Cinnamon Churros with the chocolate sauce.

I mentioned my trip to another friend that I usually explore the Nottingham brunch places and coffee shops with and she has also never been. Therefore we have added it to as seemingly never ending list of places to go when we next meet, meaning I will definitely be back to try out some more of their dishes.


FoodRachel Fox