NTU Degree Show 2019


I first explored the Graphic Design, Architecture and Fine Art show displays to get inspiration outside my particular subject area. Some of their techniques I feel I could apply to my own future work: architecture’s attention to detail, graphic design’s storytelling and children’s books and fine art's experimentation and self-expression.

However, I spent the most time exploring the FCP work, especially the self-devised projects. The exhibition of creativity provided me an invaluable insight into the standard of work I will be aiming for next year. Each visual final report had a differing style but the ones that stood out to me were the ones where the passion for their subject matter was extremely evident, using the printed page to show self-expression through visual and written media.

I spent time flicking through the pages of their dissertations, amazed at the amount of detail and research that had gone into some of those works, as well as the presentation and layout - they looked professional. Although I am excited about producing my own in less than a year’s time, it also made me apprehensive now I have seen the expected outcomes.

I photographed layouts that I believed were successful and matched my preferred style; I aim to reference these images when I start to put my own together. I also noted how the projects were bound. I have only ever bound my work in one way, perfect bound, with the same paper quality, and therefore it would be good to speak to the printer I use in person to discuss alternative options that could make the print look even more polished. I loved the hard-back covers and similarly the embossed, cut-out sections and foiling details on some of the reports which is something I may explore next year if it fits the aesthetic I have running throughout the document.

I was also able to clearly see that the written content is equally as important as the visuals; backing up the copy visually to convey each project’s idea and message. They were all telling innovative stories and narratives through their choice of media. The ones that I thought were the most successful were the ones where every page flowed on from the next and where it was evident which insights sparked the progression to the next stages.

Now that I have seen what the course committee achieved in terms of putting the whole show together, I would enjoy being a part of this process next year if the opportunity is available. They appeared to have complete creative freedom, presenting each individual’s work to the fullest potential and delivering an engaging outcome. So much effort and time had clearly gone in to making the display happen.


FCPRachel Fox