Pudding Pantry Vegan Night


An evening at my favourite place with one of my favourite people.

My friend and I decided to go to one of the Pudding Pantry’s vegan nights to try out some of the treats from their vegan alternative menu. There was a selective menu of cakes, puddings, drinks and pancakes.

I was torn between the Biscoff and Oreo cake and the sticky toffee pudding. I concluded that I would try something that I had never had there before and therefore went for the pudding with vegan ice-cream. In a way, it didn’t taste how I expected it to, but it was equally as delicious as I imagined. I’m glad I tried something different and I think it would also be amazing with vegan custard, which was also an option.

Chloe selected the mixed berry compote pancakes and a Biscoff oat milkshake. I was really tempted by the latter, and similarly the dark chocolate or peanut butter one. However, I thought I wouldn’t be able to finish both if I got one with the pudding. Although Chloe couldn’t finish both as I suspected, she loved the pancakes and couldn’t believe how much the milkshake tasted of Biscoff; it was like drinking crushed up biscuits.

The most popular item off the menu seemed to be the Biscoff freakshake. It did look amazing, but we decided that it would be too sickly and filling. It looked like it came with vegan coconut cream and biscuits on top; maybe next time, I’ll just get one of these instead.

I’m not sure why it has taken us so long to go to one of these nights, however I am now sure we will be going back again! The menu had so many different options on so there would be no problem finding something to suit your preferences; it will be interesting to see what puddings are on the vegan night next month.


FoodRachel Fox