DiG Zine Launch


As one of last week’s Five Things, DiG Zine was mentioned; I messaged the girls on Instagram and received an invite to their launch at Oscar and Rosie’s. I wanted to attend to not only celebrate the work of the third year students, but also see what is possible as part of a live project next year.

DiG is everything but the kitchen sink.

Their concept, creating a magazine for young creatives by young creatives, was a unique idea and one that I could relate my own experiences to. The majority of creative magazines are focused on established individuals who have already found their place in the creative space. Therefore a young creative magazine is more accessible to up-and-coming people looking to find their interest area and how their expertise could fit in the industry. The final result looks so professional and the quality was amazing.

The event space was relaxed giving everyone the chance to appreciate the magazine. It was great to chat to the girls about their work and their experiences in third year, in particular how they chose their live project.

Their magazine stemmed from their frequent dinner parties at one of their houses which led to their concept. This showed me that inspiration can come from the most random of places but also ones that are ordinary. They had decorated the space amazingly, I was so overwhelmed by the amount of time and planning that had obviously gone into the running of this event; they certainly achieved their banquet, last supper theme; their attention to detail was phenomenal. This demonstrated their commitment, passion and dedication to the course and their new magazine.

The launch showed me the importance of great team-work in third year, and therefore what can be achieved in a supportive group. It was evident that the girls worked hard, but also had fun while doing it. This is something I would love to achieve in third year - it is this balance that will keep the project exciting. An event to launch our work is something I will keep in my mind for next year.


FCPRachel Fox