Get Creative Festival 2019


I often find that I am most creative when I am not sitting forcing myself to come up with ideas. Going for a walk or another form of exercise, talking to my mum or even when lying in bed at night are when ideas start to unconsciously enter my mind. I was not aware of this festival before, however I now understand that its aim is to shine a light on innovative and inspiring creative activity. I love how interactive each event is and the range of creative outlooks on offer. I also believe that the encouragement for whole families to get involved allows young people to explore and have fun, which is rarely present in schools due to data driven goals.

Starting from when I did art at A-Level and continuing into FCP, I have developed a few ways to optimise creativity.

1. Have a pen and paper to handKeeping a notebook to record observations and ideas that unexpectedly occur.

2. Utilising the phone camera I always used to think that to get great photos, a SLR is needed. However the camera is instant and allows me to showcase work through online photos.

3. Embrace silenceMany of the people I surround myself with believe that music is key to sparking creativity, not being able to do anything without this in the background. I am however, the opposite, I need it to be quiet to get creative ideas flowing.

4. CollaborationI now stimulate creativity by being around other people and talking ideas aloud. Sharing ideas and receiving and offering constructive feedback has allowed me to learn from people who may have more experience.

5. Yoga and exerciseExercising helps clear my mind from unhelpful thoughts and allows me to return with a greater sense of optimism.

6. Be kind to myself.

This is the one that I am still working on. I understand that increasing chances of being creative come with not stressing about the process. Daring to learn from my mistakes is difficult for my perfectionistic self, however this is the only way we develop.

I really feel that finding a field / outlook of creativity that is enjoyed, rather than something you feel you ought to do, is the overriding factor of creative success and motivation.


FCPRachel Fox