I hadn’t seen one of my oldest friends for a few months as a result of being away at uni and her having a full time job. Charlotte took me to Oundle, to a quirky boutique tea shop style restaurant in the centre.

They appear to specialise in teas - as soon as you walk in, a large selection of loose leaf teas are evident everywhere on the shelves behind the counter. Black boards were also positioned around the space, showcasing their specials and the food of the day. This added to the quirky appeal and personal approach.

We found a table at the front window where we had a lovely view of the quaint town centre. After looking through the food menu and extensive drink list, we went to order at the counter where a great selection of beautifully displayed cakes and tray bakes were positioned.

I selected the goat’s cheese and spinach shortcrust tart and a green loose leaf tea, where as my friend chose the soup of the day, curried root vegetable which came with a choice of either a scone and jam or bread. For a drink, she opted for an iced latte.

My tea came served in teapots on an individual tray, along with a three minute sand timer to show me how long I needed to let it brew for. This was something I had never experienced before. Despite it being a Saturday lunch time and quite busy in the cafe, the food arrived rather quickly. My tart was delicious and what I think worked really well is the fact that the pastry was delicate and thin and therefore didn’t distract from the warm filling. The side salad not only added to the presentation on the slate board, but also tasted great. I was worried Charlotte’s soup would be too spicy for me, however it was only lightly spiced and very warming.

We both enjoyed our time in the cafe and it is certainly somewhere I would like to return to. It is a warm welcoming place with friendly staff and a perfect space to sit and talk with a friend.


FoodRachel Fox