I recently ordered this book and it is now one of my favourites. Visual identities for start-ups and new businesses has a heavy focus on the aesthetic, particularly that of graphic design. No matter the medium of the identity, the personality of the brand is showcased, particularly through the chosen colour palette and shape silhouettes selected. This is the first book that I’ve come across that presents fresh branding ideas; each has an element of playfulness combined with professionalism. I enjoyed looking at all of the authentic styles and stories, as well as seeing what is achievable for a young business.

Layout and graphics is an area that I’m currently interested in pursuing as a future career and therefore it is great to have a body of inspiration, especially now that there is such an emphasis on creativity in branding. Not only will this book be useful as I continue to develop my own visual identity and business card, it will also be something that I constantly reference in third year, whether it be front cover design, identity or even layout for my final visual report.

The layout on the page is based on the images that are very much the main focal point. There is a hierarchy of visuals; however each image makes a statement in itself. The designers have been very selective in their refinement which is something I am still trying to master – often than not less is more. I have also noticed that the background that the business cards, labels, packaging, etc are photographed against make the visual identities pop and add another layer of interest. They bring the colour palette to life and tie all of the elements together bringing cohesion. Although there is a synergy across all of the business’ branding material, the backgrounds reinforce this.

I am going to select five of my favourite visual identities and analyse them in my sketchbook, exploring what fits with my personality, approach and skills and what does not.


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