Talking Tastebuds with Jack Harries


Being a massive foodie myself with an interest in nutrition and health, talking Tastebuds by Venetia Falconer is one of my favourite podcasts. The podcast is all about food and I enjoy listening to how it fits into the guest’s lives and wellbeing. This episode in particular resonated with me as it explored such a vast number of current issues.

Jack Harries is someone who really inspires me; he is a filmmaker, environmentalist and passionate storyteller and overall just a humble individual. I admire him for being driven, ambitious and for fighting for what he believes in; he recently got arrested after protesting with Extinction Rebellion, at the International Petroleum Conference in London.

He chose to take the quite radical act of protesting as a result of being terrified for the state of our future. I agree that we are running out of time and this annual conference where the biggest names in the gas and oil industry meet to network and figure out how to make more money is destructive. I personally put this down to power but the government needs to start thinking about our planet over profit; I really feel that we have the resources, we just need the right people in charge to put a stop to the negative impacts.

As a result of reading about the destructive results of our behaviour, I often overthink every action when it comes to sustainability. Jack put it perfectly stating that you have to be realistic when it comes to making changes - it is near impossible to live on the planet without making an impact. Whereas, I now feel that as long as people have a good intention then that is a great place to start.

I loved how honest and open Harries was in the interview, sharing his experiences openly. It was amazing hearing a male talk about veganism and mental health which are often taboo subjects, especially for males - it is often seen as diminishing masculinity. I have found that the hardest part of dealing with a mental illness is the stigma attached to it, but listening to open conversations like this one could really help to spread awareness and stop people from suffering alone. We all have a secret life in a way, one where we are dealing with different difficult things but no one speaks about it even though so many others are going through it as well.


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