Filmore & Union


I have walked past John Lewis’ Filmore & Union union cafe a couple of times previously, however I have only recently had the chance to go in. Filmore & Union offer the brand’s wellness-inspired juices, organic coffees, healthy breakfasts, gluten free cakes, salads, wraps, bagels signature soups and tagines. I feel that it is a perfect cafe to attract a health conscious consumer who likes to treat themselves to a pure, natural and wholesome meal or drink.

It is certainly a feel good space with a calming ambience where mum and I were able to relax and enjoy what was on offer. The interior was all bound with natural light, live plants which I loved as it showed their connection to nature and love of organic produce.

It is often hard to find a healthy restaurant outside somewhere like London, especially one with both eat in and take out options. That’s why I appreciate their ethos, believing in a balanced lifestyle as the core to a healthy lifestyle.

At lunch time, mum chose the egg mayonnaise roll from the deli counter and I went for the vegan burrito wrap which came toasted and warm. We both very much enjoyed our choices; we were served fresh, unprocessed food which was also delicious. The food was nourishing and packed full of flavour. The dishes were vibrant and used seasonal, locally sourced and nutrient dense foods that we were delighted with. The portions were perfect for a lunch time meal and we also liked how they both came with a side salad.

We enjoyed the cafe so much that we went back later that afternoon for coffee and cake. We opted to share a slice of their fudgy chocolate brownie. We were amazed it came served with thick Greek yogurt. They have nailed the perfect gluten free and vegan brownie. It had a rich taste, but was balanced out perfectly with the creamy, yet light yogurt; it was delicious.


FoodRachel Fox