It’s Freezing in LA!

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This month’s Stack Magazine was an independent magazine about climate change. I was really pleased when this came as although I enjoy getting magazines on topics that I wouldn’t select myself, it is also great when one comes and it is something I am very interested in.

I loved how impassioned the publication was, dedicated to raising awareness of the effects of climate change in a visual and informative way. I liked the layout of the magazine with key points in red in a large font and separate to the main body of text. This is something I want to take forward when producing my visual reports - highlighting the key take-away points from each page.

They have looked at a specific reference to inspire this issue - wildfires that ravaged California last year. This has reinforced the importance of supporting ideas with cultural references and looking in other sectors for inspiration. This is shown through the consistent camouflage-style graphics that run throughout.

The magazine gave me a fresh perspective on climate change. I have been often put off from reading around the subject as too often environmental discussion uses remote, technical scientific language, or too heavily focused on activism. They use accessible vocabulary which is another point that I aim to keep in mind going forward.

I liked to read the two sides of an argument - engaging with the challenge of climate change, but also focusing on making a positive impact. Although eye-opening, it is also optimistic. This magazine especially has made me reflect on the importance of portraying different perspectives about an idea.


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