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One of this week’s Five Things was to look at the Miss Moss blog. Diane Moss is a designer and blogger from Cape Town, in South Africa. She writes about her travels and documents the ‘visual treasures’ she sees. As soon as I followed the link, I knew from the blog title that the content would both be personal and arty; the font used appears handwritten with flowing flourishes.

In one post, Moss celebrates rrres which is based in Oaxaca and Barcelona and currently work with local artisans in Mexico to make amazing one of a kind handmade rugs. rrres is a project made of places, people, traditions and culture, all of which can be seen in the rugs.

Each piece is unique: simple silhouette forms stand out from plain matt backgrounds. The term ‘minimal’ describes the rugs perfectly and there is a clear link to the modern minimalism trend. There appears to be a need for embellishment but not busy chaotic pieces. I think that the minimalistic style brings a sense a calm and peace; the simple forma are soothing and not a sensory explosion.

It is obvious that nature plays a large role in creative inspiration with trees, stars and moons being a re-occurring theme. I also think the wavy lines could represent rivers that sustain life or the surrounding land. Similarly, heritage is heavily incorporated in the designs especially with the eye symbol which I think is related to their belief system and means protection. Each form could be viewed as a symbol and hold a different meaning for each viewer and is therefore in my opinion what makes them even more special.

Furthermore, I think the rugs fill the demand for quality and longevity and therefore support sustainability that appears to be another re-occuring theme.

I aim to use this as a cultural reference for our secondary trend research. I want to look for inspiration similarities between brands’ imagery.


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