Pom Kitchen


After seeing so many tasty looking aesthetically pleasing pictures Pom Kitchen dished on their Instagram feed, I finally had the chance to visit today while I was seeing my cousin in Sheffield. The Aussie inspired vegetarian and vegan eatery was somewhere where I have always been intrigued to go to.

Their menu was full of inventive and delicious sounding dishes, all packed full of veggies, colour and most importantly fun. The interior of the cute cafe was full of plants, greenery and flowers which made the experience even more warming and reinforced the natural and wild elements of the food.

The staff were very friendly and the space had a lovely, warming atmosphere. They were also very accommodating with any individual requirements any guest might have.

After much deliberation of the menu, we both opted for the Breakfast Board as it was the perfect option to try a little bit of all of the all-day breakfast options. We got a dippy egg, sourdough toast, avocado, a berry smooth shot and a beautiful bowl of yogurt, granola and fruit. I also got a matcha latte that came with edible flowers on top and was the prettiest drink I have ever had; it was also such a generous size.

When the food arrived it was as beautiful as I have seen in the pictures. The food is all made from scratch and the bowl was bursting with colour and multiple textures. I loved how it was presented; it made it look almost too great to eat. The saying ‘taste the rainbow’ was definitely appropriate here. The food didn’t just look amazing being full of goodness, it also tasted divine; the abundance of flavours combined to create a perfectly satisfying lunch. The dish was perfect for a freezing, snowy February winters day.

If I lived closer to Sheffield, I would be going back to this eatery multiple times. I would love to try out some of their other all-day breakfast dishes, as well as other lunch otions. I would highly recommend visiting Pom Kitchen for enjoyable veggie and vegan dishes.


FoodRachel Fox