Afternoon Tea at Biddy’s

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I have never had afternoon tea before and therefore when my sister suggested going for New Year, I was definitely excited to go. Biddy’s Tea Room is a cute cafe in Norwich with a vintage, quirky interior and a casual and cosy atmosphere which I loved. They offer a huge range of cakes and freshly make snacks, as well as an extensive selection of teas.

I like the fact that the interior didn't take itself too seriously with its style but it does focus on good home baking. There is a clear interested in history and obsession with antiques; whimsical Victorians, the ingenuity of the Edwardians and romantic pre-Raphaelites.

Although it wasn’t a large space, it was homely, comfortable and welcoming. I’ve been put off having an afternoon tea in the past due to the set selection of sandwiches and cakes, of which I would only eat a couple. However, what I loved about Biddy’s was the build-your-own Afternoon Tea. This made the experience more personal and enjoyable as each element is tailored to your individual taste and preference.

As a result of there being over 50 teas to choose from, there is build-your-own available here too, as well as so many sandwich and cake choices; I found it difficult to decide what I fancied trying. We all got to pick what sandwich and bread we’d like, the type of scone and a piece of cake or tray bake. They were so good at tailoring to your preferences and asking the kitchen what was possible. I ended up ordering the hummus and avocado sandwiches with a plain scone with jam, a large slice of salted caramel brownie and a China green tea. I tried some of my sister’s boyfriend’s chai tea which I also enjoyed and both of their cakes, a raspberry Bakewell tart and a slice of apple and caramel cake which were equally as scrumptious, especially the cake which I wished I had chosen.

I was amazed with the generosity of the portions of the freshly made sandwiches, scones and cake. I couldn’t finish it all so they even boxed up my leftovers. The whole spread was delicious and so satisfying; I’d definitely want to return to try out another combination - the chosen by you element was a winner for me. The tea was so flavourful and paired perfectly with the food. If you are ever in Norwich, I would definitely recommend taking a visit to Biddy’s Tea Room; they even offer light lunches, other cakes and a wider range of drinks.


FoodRachel Fox