When Polly Met Fergie Vegan Restaurant


Ever since the new vegan restaurant opened in Peterborough, I have wanted to try it. I think that the existence of the plant-based restaurant is a massive step forward for the city, who before had limited vegan and veggie options in the chain restaurants.

When Polly Met Fergie is based around a need for a lifestyle change. With the help of social interaction and media, it’s becoming much easier to see the real effects of industrial farming and its impact on our planet.

It is evident that there is a huge shift in my generations’ attitude and relationship with food. I have in the past struggled to find a place to eat being vegetarian, let alone vegan. Therefore this restaurant has filled the gap for me between the well-known brand restaurants starting to cater for the vegan movement. The space provides inspiration and shows the power of plants.

When my friend and I sat down in the space, we were offered the lunch and dinner menus. The lunch menu was very good value with every option being £5. My friend selected the tomato pasta and I went for the Falafel wrap. The portions were perfect for a lunch serving and we both enjoyed the food. The wrap was full of flavour and slightly spicy which I enjoyed. It just shows that free-from food can be delicious and exciting. The food tasted fresh; the kitchen is embedded within the restaurant and therefore guests are able to look to the back of the space and see their food being made.

It is also clear that the restaurant was inspired by their passion for art and music. The space is quite small; however it had a cosy charming ambience with jazz music in the background which added to the welcoming and relaxing feel.

I love supporting small independent cafes and restaurants; these places always seem more creative and personal. I would love to go back in the evening to try their main menu - the burger, pesto pasta and falafel bowl really caught my eye. It is still fairly new so it will be interesting to see how it develops as the years go by. I hope it will inspire more veggie and plant-based eateries to open up in the centre.


FoodRachel Fox