The Power of Instagram


Brand Zine Interest

Our Period. Zine has been posted and shared on Instagram a couple of times which has amazed and surprised us all. When we were creating our zine, none of us expected that anything would happen after our final presentation at the Nottingham Contemporary. We were surprised when we got contacted by Wolf and Gypsy Vintage.

“An awesome and factual zine.” - Amy (Wolf and Gypsy Vintage)

“I received your zine and I am blown away with how great they are.” - Laura (Wolf and Gypsy Vintage)

After we printed the new design of the zine, Wolf and Gyspy posted our zine on their Instagram which we were all proud of. We were overwhelmed that someone else loved our zine outcome as much as we did.

We are honoured to be part of the campaign promoting such a worthy cause that is period poverty. I liaised with Laura from Wolf and Gypsy and we came to the conclusion that our zines will be offered free with every HeyGirlsUK charity tees purchased in-store and online. Alternatively a donation can be made to receive a copy.

Rose Sinclair from @roseonthecanal got in contact following on from the Instagram post. The Feminist Library in London would apparently love a couple of copies for their archive and activist collection. She is also going to put us in touch with their bookshop. I am still waiting on a reply, however if this goes ahead, it will be another avenue to get our zine and work out there which is amazing exposure for us all. This has just shown me how topical the issue of period poverty is and the number of likeminded people.

I am so happy that we chose to go for the less safe option, exploring the taboo around periods, rather than a more likely match for TSPTR of women in sport. I will remember this in the future - going with a topic you feel passionate about can lead to more effective results. Similarly, it has reinforced the power of social media - gaining interest from TSPTR’s initial Instagram stories to now.

We never expected our work would take on a new life outside of the classroom environment and I am very grateful for this experience. It just shows that all the work produced at uni does count and an exciting opportunity could come off the back of it. I am thankful for all of the help from Simon to make this all possible for us.



FCP, UniversityRachel Fox