Climate Change Ice Blocks

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The artist Olafur Eliasson brought giant blocks of ice to London for a climate change art installation. When I first saw the artwork in the Evening Standard, I assumed they were sculptures and not 24 actual blocks of ice.

The intention was that the installation would be left to slowly melt, and where members of the public can visit and watch the pieces thaw in front of them.

A report published on October 8th warned there are only 12 years left to limit the most negative effects on the planet. This seems like a long time seeing that it is 2/3 of my life, however this time will creep up on us. Therefore the ice blocks really do act as a literal reminder of the impact of climate change and the fact that time is running out.

I found it fascinating watching a video of people putting their hand on the ice and staring at it. It is a physical demonstration of the ecological changes our world is undergoing. As a population, I feel that we can all be quite passive to the wider environment for the majority of the time; we all live in our own small bubbles. This barrier is broken down and the feelings of distance and disconnect are no longer present in this installation.

The ice to me shows great presence and relevance. It is a visualisation of the harsh facts in an easily comprehensible manor where all ages can understand the impact and changes happening to the environment. I thought it was an amazing way to make people engage.

Climate knowledge is the first step to climate action. It really reminded me of the power we as a society have as a collective to push for systemic change.


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