The New Fashion Rules

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The New Fashion Rules by Victoria Magrath was a book that I found both engaging and informative.

'The rules of fashion have changed.’ As we are all aware, the new digital era is all about being seen, liked and inspired. I was amazed at the extent to which the book explored such a vast range of subject matter, for example, how the evolution of the internet changed the way we buy and wear clothing, fashion industry impacts, diversity, innovation and so much more.

The book reveals the pivotal moments that have transformed the fashion world, exploring all the key dates that will be so useful to look back on. From the nineties through to the noughties, the most notable events are captured. I also enjoyed the practical tips for navigating the ever-changing fashion landscape.

The section that I found most interesting was the chapter on the virtual model in starring roles. Upcoming models and Instagrams aren’t people at all - they’re CGI models, airbrushed and flawless. I wasn’t aware that Instagram profiles such as @Lilmiquela and @shudu.gram have thousands and millions of followers.

Shudu wearing the Fenty Beauty orange lipstick was something that hadn’t been seen before. CGI models are taking the place of real people and competing for air time. It is like people aren’t enough and so we are looking for the next best thing.

Considering the industry is beginning to champion inclusivity and diversity as well as promoting the message that flaws are part of natural beauty, I can’t understand the desire for CGI models. These models can be dressed, airbrushes, shaped and adapted to suit exactly what a brand envisions for their imagery, which I feel goes against acceptance.

However, technology has been the driving force behind huge changes we have seen in the fashion industry over the last 20 years. Social media has given ordinary people the platform to voice their opinions, enabling everyone to push forward for change. Therefore CGI models are just another innovation that could be seen both positively and negatively, but they do open up a host of new opportunities for brands to experiment with.


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