Lincoln Christmas Market 2018


Today I took the short train journey from Nottingham to Lincoln to visit the Christmas market. I have never been to this market before and therefore I was excited to see what it comprised.

The medieval castle and cathedral is the perfect backdrop for the Christmas Market. The beautiful cobbled streets were filled with the traditional Christmas Market stalls - over 200 of them. The medieval square and surrounding area was the perfect place for the market. It really inserted a sense of culture into the market experience.

I knew it was popular; however I wasn’t expecting the sheer amount of people wandering round the stalls. I didn’t even know there were fairground rides there either. There was no real one way system and the stewards/stewardesses were doing their best to direct people but in a grid lock, there was nothing much they could have done. Once it got moving again, people were able to get where they needed to be.

I headed back down Steep Hill and sat and had some lunch in the Cosy Club. I have always wanted to eat here as there is not one where I am from. There was a whole separate vegan menu which was a surprise to me - there was so many options that I didn’t know what to choose. In the end, I opted for the vegan falafel and hummus sandwich with sweet potato fries. This was delicious; I devoured it all. I definitely want to return and try out some of their other vegan options.

I did enjoy the festivities; however it was too busy for me. I couldn’t look properly at any of the stalls. I think next time I come, I’ll try it go in the week so there would hopefully be slightly less people. Having said this, it was great to see so many people coming to support the market and getting into the Christmas spirt.


Food, LeisureRachel Fox