Peterborough’s First Vegan Christmas Fair


This was Peterborough’s largest vegan event to date. Stands ranged from cake makers, jewellery, crafts, gifts, Lush, health and skincare, food vendors, clothing and more.

I was overwhelmed by the turn out of the event. My parents and I turned up to the venue relatively early, expecting there to be a couple of other people wandering around. However we couldn’t even find a place to park - cars were parked on curbs, all down the street and in any space they could find. It was manic to say the least - this chaos was no different inside the venue!

It was an amazing event but it was very hard to look round and take it all in properly due to sheer amount of people. We got in grid lock several times and people were squeezing past each other. It may have worked better if there was a one way system even; we definitely would have stayed longer if it wasn’t so crowded. I was also expecting there to be more tasters like some of the other vegan markets I have been to, however the bits of chocolate that I did try were very nice.

Moreover, with regard to the parking and venue size, no one could have predicted the huge turnout. It's a huge first for Peterborough and I was amazed by the support for the vegan and plant-based community that showed up. This just showed me how many more people are turning plant-based or even are just more conscious about what they eat and the environment.

I was disappointed that I missed out of the cake because by 11am, it was all sold out. I think everyone that showed up was also amazed and overwhelmed with just how many people came. I did pick up two things that I cannot wait to try. I got a Callowfit vegan tomato ketchup sauce and also a replaceable head bamboo tooth brush and spare head. I have a bamboo tooth brush at uni, however, my mum and I thought having a replaceable head version was such a good idea as it means less waste when the head is changed.

I will definitely return and support the vegan fair where hopefully it will be even bigger and better next year, in a more spaced out venue, with potentially more vegan businesses having stands.


FoodRachel Fox