The Serving Library v Davis Osbaldeston


The Serving Library (TSL) is a non-profit organisation that serves as a publishing platform, a seminar room, a collection of framed objects, and an event space.

Bonington Gallery is currently showcasing TSL’s collection of framed objects. When I was looking around, I was considering how the works could act as inspiration for the current zine project. Each one is a unique illustration which originally appeared in one of the journals.

A diverse range of media was also displayed: record sleeves, watercolours, woodcuts, polaroids, drawings, screen-prints, airbrush paintings, etc.

David Osbaldeston has produced a new series of images exploring how visual essentials such as black, white and repeating shapes progress through a sequence of depicted forms. The pieces showed me that out of the context of the journals, they are all open for subjective interpretation.

Osbaldeston’s central pieces saw each image being assisted by a single word. I assumed that this was their associative descriptor, whereas others thought this could be an unpredictable random piece of type to get the mind making connections.

A large majority of the works were monochrome and heavily focused around illustration. This made me consider that our zine could have a hand-drawn appearance to reflect the personal nature of the brand and connection to the consumer. TSPTR are a brand for the people and most tees and sweats bare slogans that connect to it’s audience in a personal way.

The graphics and typography could also be something we take forward when narrating our zine, considering the emotion we want to portray and selecting our key descriptors. Each piece was simple with easily recognisable imagery and spaces and therefore we need to make sure our zine is clear, focusing more on the narrative, just like TSPTR does in their clothing.


FCPRachel Fox