F*ck Being Humble


As recommend by this week’s ‘Five Things’, I listened to the Creative Lives Podcast — F*ck Being Humble: Stefanie Sword-Williams on changing perceptions of self-promotion. I found it very interesting to listen to a voice from someone who did the same course that I am currently half way through.

Self-promotion is always something I have struggled with as I dislike talking about myself and my achievements or accomplishments, most of the time in fear of coming across like I am bragging or arrogant - I keep a lot to myself.

F*ck Being Humble is an educational mentoring programme to help people with their careers.

I found Stefanie’s voice and opinion very relatable and honest, especially when speaking about not being confident enough, not knowing what you stand for, not knowing how to articulate what makes you unique. Developing these skills will more than likely help me to identify where I would want to take my career, as I am currently anxious about not having a direction in mind.

I struggle with overthinking and worrying about the future; I am still learning to be at peace with the present. I think what stops me with regard to promotion is previously not feeling good enough, being teased for doing too much and making other people ‘look bad’ because of the work I produced. This simply just stopped me showing work to anyone.

I must start thinking about what I need to do right now and considering the best possible outcomes of sharing work. I will probably come to find that the worst, most embarrassing things will just not stack up.

I resonated when Stefanie stated that before university she was not a writer, but by starting her blog, she really got into writing, leading her to want to get into advertising. Like Stefanie I doubt my writing, I do not share my blog with anyone because I am not confident with my writing. However she has made me consider about the audience that I really care about, considering the best possible outcomes. For me this would be for future employers to recognise the time and work that has gone into keeping up the blog, posting several times a week for three years.

The interview concluded with Stefanie sharing her opinion that you should only stay in a work environment if you are being pushed every day, if not find this experience and step out your comfort zone. Finding environments that you are constantly learning in - avoid being too complacent.

I need to begin to start to let the self-conscious me go, dispelling the fear of sounding stupid and being generic. I will start to share my opinions more in seminars and make sure that in the future I don’t let any skills be left behind.


FCPRachel Fox