By Chloe London


I am always seeing delicious by Chloe dishes through my Instagram feed. I got the opportunity to go into the cafe in Covent Garden last week with one of my friends who is called Chloe, and I loved it! It was very popular in there with people getting take away and also sitting in. It is great how all of their packaging is eco-friendly. I am so glad Chloe took me along and shared the experience with her. I don’t usually get to go to fully vegan restaurants so this was a great experience for me.

The only problem was, I was extremely spoilt for choice and we both spent a while dithering over what to get - many people had to pass us in the queue. All of the food sounded delicious, wholesome and satisfying - I love how their menu uses locally-sourced ingredients and everything is freshly prepared in their kitchen.

I wasn’t expecting to be given a buzzer to be alerted when my food was ready. It was prepared very quickly so luckily we were able to find a small table and didn’t have to wait long to eat.

Chloe persuaded me to get the Pesto Meatball with was Talian Meatball (Portobelo + veggie), marinara, sweet peppers, basil pesto, cashew mozz, almond parm in a potato sub roll. I also brought me and Chloe a leafy brownie to share for dessert.

I loved my meal; it was fun, hearty, nourishing with an amazing combination of flavours and colour. The brownie was so gooie and not dry at all - it was hard to believe it was vegan. The food definitely had a positive impact on my mindset for the rest of the day. I also loved the little illustrations on the paper that came in the tray and was printed onto my paper plate under my brownie.

The space had a buzz to it and the London twist was also present in the decor – the restaurant features instagrammable, “guac save the queen” pink neon light on the wall and also, “YASS QUEEN” on the bathroom mirror, appealing to their largely millennial audience; these small touches put a smile on my face.

I really want to go back and try something else from the menu. I like the sound of the guac burger, avocado pesto pasta, the quinoa taco salad bowl and especially the sticky toffee pudding with coconut whipped cream. The cookies also looked divine.


FoodRachel Fox