Peak District Yoga Retreat Day


I was worried about going on this day event because I was very conscious of the amount of work I had to do on the current project. However, I am very thankful that I went and took a day out for myself to take my mind off, what seems like, my never ending to-do-list.

It will was a full day of fun, all things yoga and care for our beautiful planet in what I believe is one of the most treasured areas in the Midlands, The Peak District. I loved exploring a new place that I had never previously been before; it was so picturesque and scenic.

We started and concluded the day with a yoga practice in the beautiful St Margaret’s Hall on Chapel Hill where the views were amazing. The first was an energising flow to get warm for the walk ahead and the final session was a slower, more relaxing stretch practice.

We walked through the trees, up woodland steps and over rocks, stopping to eat lunch on a fallen tree. We all shared veggie nibbles which made us feel more like a community. We therefore worked our body, mind and spirit, giving back to our precious world by cleaning up Black Rocks. We each collected rubbish from the woodlands; we managed to fill four large sacks - two with rubbish and two recycling. I was shocked by the amount of litter we saw. The Black Rocks are supposed to be a place to go to appreciate breathtaking views, not to witness litter over the surface of the rocks. It seems to me that even at such a beautiful location, people still have little respect for their environment and surroundings.

Walking and cleaning with like-minded caring people made the day even more beneficial. It really felt like together we started of something amazing, doing our part in reducing the plastic and litter pollution in our countryside, which is easily carried on in our own homes and daily lives.

I learnt so much more about yoga and its connection to the world around us, also practising connecting with the breath. My mind definitely tried to wander to what I needed to get done when I returned, however, for the most part I was able to focus on the now and appreciate where I was.

What I loved most was the positivity of everyone and how effectively strangers at the start of the day, we were all intermingled by the end. The colours of the leaves were also unlike anything I have seen for a long time - they were a golden amber colour that warmed the landscape.

The main take-away from the day was the importance of feeling good in our bodies and minds is just as important as giving back to the beauty this world gives us. Although it did start to rain at one point, it made me appreciate the unexpected nature of the environment and natural soundscape that can be create with droplets, the crunching of autumn leaves and the rustle in the trees.


Leisure, LifestyleRachel Fox