New Bella Italia Summer Menu


The new summer menu at Bella Italia really does have something for everyone. The new menu features golden tomato pizza sauce, inspired by a traditional Italian recipe made with yellow tomatoes and peppers, seafood pasta and risotto, lighter dishes and a new vegan cheese option.

Bella's vegan and veggie menu really impressed me. I feel that their new options are great for people who are also just looking to cut down on meat. The chef has developed a delicious vegan/veggie menu with real Italian dishes and ingredients sourced from Italian-family producers.

The vegan dishes range from fresh bruschetta, to creamy risotto funghi, rich lentil ragu, hand-stretched pizzas topped with vegan cheese, spiralised vegetable spaghetti, and even a vegan burger with salsa verde from the Contino family.

We went to the Bella Italia at the Strand in London. My family spent the day in London to celebrate my mum’s birthday. We stopped off at the restaurant before heading to see Kinky Boots at the theatre; which was amazing.

The restaurant was spacious and quite quiet considering it was a Saturday. It was a really relaxed and comfortable atmosphere and the staff were very friendly.

I couldn’t decide between the new dishes on the menu but my mum suggested we get two and share them so I could try both. The first one I chose was the Queen Margherita which is perfect for a margherita lover, like me. I was drawn to this option because of the Buffalo mozzarella and basil on a golden tomato sauce base. The sauce was different but very yummy; the yellow tomatoes and peppers really added to the flavour.

The second one we selected was the new vegan burger, the Verde Burger. The patty was made from cannellini beans, garlic and Mediterranean veg, herbs and was served with salsa verde, tomato, onion and lettuce. It also came in a warm crispy bun, with a side salad. The burger had a creamy texture on the inside but was crispy on the outside which was lovely. The salsa verde was also very flavourful and complemented the burger perfectly.

My dad selected his favourite Marco Polo pizza that comes with toppings of shredded duck, spring onions and mozzarella on a sweet plum sauce base. My sister chose the new Pollo Alla Crema with roast chicken, pancetta, roast onions and fresh pasta twists in a creamy cheese sauce. Lastly, my sister’s boyfriend selected the Italian classic, Pollo Funghi which he said was his favourite dish he has ever had from Bella Italia. This was a grilled chicken breast, with creamy mushroom sauce, roast potatoes and green beans. They all really enjoyed their meals and finished their plates!

I was definitely very impressed by the range of options that they now offer for a non-meat eater like myself. I was happy that I didn’t have to have a plain veggie salad; I always like trying new things to see what new flavours I can discover.


FoodRachel Fox