Leon London


I have always wanted to try out Leon, however I’ve never had a chance previously as there is not one where I’m from. I really believe that Leon offer, “The Future of Fast Food.” As a child, I always considered a trip to a fast food place the biggest treat imaginable. However, fast-food now doesn’t excite me. Which is why I love how Leon have considered this and challenged, why can't fast food be good food?

Their menu is inspired by the flavours, variety and natural healthiness of Mediterranean cooking; which is the food/diet I base a lot of my meals around. They have proven that it is possible to serve food that both tastes good and does you good. In my opinion, Leon is making it easy and accessible for people to eat well on the high street, even appealing to children’s appetite. I can wait for Leon to spread across the country!

My dad and I went to the Leon on Thurloe Street in South Kensington, London. Inside, although small, it’s homely and cheerful with comfy 1950s-style furnishings. Customers order and collect their food downstairs and there is optional seating on the second floor. Many people looked as though they were coming from work to grab lunch and/or takeaway.

Orders are passed through in cardboard boxes to be placed on trays or in paper bags for a take-out option. The burgers, baked chips sit alongside wholesome hot boxes filled with curries and stews, hearty salads and wraps on a clearly-labelled menu that manages to cater to most diets without being restrictive.

I opted for the Vegan Sweet Potato Falafel Hot Box which was Leon's version of the Middle Eastern classic. Baked not fried, made with chickpeas, sweet potato and lots of fresh herbs and spices. It was also accompanied by grilled red pepper, brown rice and salad on the side.

My dad went for the Chicken Lemon and Olive Tagine which consisted of chicken thigh slowly simmered with preserved lemons, green olives and chickpeas. We both really enjoyed our lunches and they definitely filled us up. We have very diverse diet choices and so it was great that we finally found a spot that caters for us both without compromising.

I also really liked the sound of the vegan meatless meatballs in Leon tomato sauce, the Leon plant burger made from edamame and two of the wrap options, the vegan falafel wrap and the grilled halloumi wrap.

There was only a short wait for our food, but reassuringly long enough to know it’s all fresh off the grill and out the oven. They provide free jugs of water on the side by the cutlery, but for me, the only real negative was that they still have plastic knives and forks. Leon isn’t somewhere you’d linger for long but for a quick, nutritious meal to fuel whatever else you have planned in your day; it does a good job of filling the healthy middle ground between fast-food and a sit-down restaurant. I would definitely recommend it.


FoodRachel Fox