My First Sourced Box


If you have read any of my food related blogs before, I don’t need to tell you that I am a champion of healthy, organic foods and snacks. For those who have never heard of Sourced Box before, it is a subscription service where each month you receive a selection of hand-picked healthy, natural snacks delivered to work or home. Since the launch of Sourced Box, I have always thought it is such an innovative idea and would make such a great gift for someone who loves natural and healthy alternative to the usual less nutritious snacks.

They use all natural ingredients, free from refined sugar and are all suitable for vegans. I have always loved pre-made snacks as they are just so convenient when I’m busy which is why I love the fact that the company is bringing snacking back to basics with simple ingredients for feel-good food. I also really like the added excitement of opening the box and discovering new brands and snacks in delicious flavours. I’m a creature of habit and usually have the same selection of snacks over and over again; therefore Sourced Box gives me the opportunity to discover more options and stop me from getting bored.

I was recently gifted my first ever Sourced Box by my parents, the limited edition chocolate box. This was possibly my favourite present! The Sourced Box team carefully picked a selection of the most popular chocolate treats from their previous boxes, and bundled them up into one box, perfect for a chocolate lover like myself. It was packed full of all-natural and vegan chocolate: everything from truffles and brownies to bars and buttons. I got so many more snacks in the box than I was expecting, 14 in total; it was packed to the top.

These are the chocolate snacks that I received in my box:

1. SourcedBox Christmas Spice Bar

2. Livia's Kitchen Chocolate Biccy Boms

3. Ombar Coconut Mylk Buttons

4. Raw Chocolate Company Mulberries

5. Rhythm 108 Hazelnut Praline Bar

6. Goodio Chai Bar

7. 100% Natural Raw Cacao Brownie

8. Loving Earth Salted Caramel Swayzee

9. Conscious Chocolate Essential Orange

10. Raw Halo Vanilla & Mylk

11. Rhythm 108 Chocolate Biscuit

12. Science Kitchen Chocolate Truffle

13. enJoy Organic Mint Bar

14. Elements for Life Yummy Scrummy Brownie

I am still yet to try some of them but I’m very excited to give them a go. I had never heard of the majority of these brands before this which is why I love the concept of Sourced Box. The first thing I tried was the Science Kitchen luxury 60% dark chocolate truffle which was so yummy. It is made from raw cacao powder, cacao butter & coconut milk mixed with shelled hemp and sprouted buckwheat for added protein and a nutritious crunch and is sweetened with dates. It had a different texture to a normal truffle but I would definitely have it again.

My favourite things so far have been the Livia’s Kitchen Biccy Boms which I have tried many times before, the Ombar Buttons which are so creamy and moorish and the Rhythm 108 Hazelnut Praline Bar. This was slightly more indulgent compared to the others but it was very delicious, it reminded me of a normal chocolate bar and was the same as a Milk Way bar; it had a hard dark chocolate outer shell with a smooth creamy chocolatey middle. I also really enjoyed the Raw Halo Vanilla & Mylk chocolate bar; it was so velvety and almost melted in my mouth. I had tried the Rhythm 108 Chocolate Biscuit before but I still very much loved it.

I am looking forward to trying the Raw Chocolate Company Mulberries next because I love this companies chocolate almonds, as well as the Loving Earth Salted Caramel Swayzee as I have heard a lot about this brand.

I will definitely be ordering another box from Sourced Box in the future when I have tried everything from my current one. I might even ask for a monthly subscription for Christmas or my birthday one year.


FoodRachel Fox