Why Shop Ethically?


Following on from my previous post on the rise of slow fashion, I wanted to make a short follow up post regarding three possible reasons and benefits to shop ethically.

1. Benefits to the people who make our clothes.

I know we are all guilty, including myself, of purchasing from random places because we loved a particular garment. However, stopping to think and maybe research would allow you to be a more conscious shopper by choosing brands that provide a fair wage and respect workers’ rights. According to a Natural Health article, around 80% of these workers are women and sustainable employment, training, good wages and a safe working environment all encourage self-empowerment and confidence for females.

2. Benefits to the environment.

Ethical brands are more likely to use materials and fabrics that do less harm to the environment and world we live in. Organic cotton, Tencel and Modal, different types of fibres, are a perfect example of this. Although we cannot see the damage of pollution for example, it does not mean that it can be overlooked. As I mentioned about in my last post, waste reduction and more efficient water usage are key.

3. Benefits to us as consumers.

In my opinion, being more ethically minded allows our brains to relax as we build our wardrobe with a respect for the wider environment. A less obvious reason in some ways would be that we need to protect our skin with it being our largest organ. I feel that this involves taking as much care and thought about what we put on it, just as much as what we put in it each day.


FashionRachel Fox