Rockefeller Center's Top Of The Rock


During my trip to New York, we took a trip to the Rockefeller Center's Top of the Rock. The 70th-floor Observation Deck has astonishing views of Manhattan and beyond. I had experienced this once before with my family, however this was in the summer season; this time it was the depths of winter in NY. I found it interesting seeing how the same landscape could look so different at two contrasting times on the year. This time, everything was a lot cooler toned and the view had a crisp edge to it.

The RCA building opened in 1933 and the observation deck was the first attraction to open to the public. The deck was closed in 1986, and after extensive refurbishing inside and out, reopened as Top of the Rock on November 1, 2005. The building attracts three million visitors a year.

The viewing platforms occupy the 67th, 69th and 70th floors and offers stunning 360-degree views: the Empire State Building and Central Park, all the way north to the Tappan Zee Bridge.

Before we went to the site, we had a look at the Top of the Rock app. The Viewfinder allowed us to guide our way around the NYC skyline, and the Wayfinder, pointed the way to shops, eateries and amenities all around the Rock.

Having also been up the top of the Empire State Building with my family, I personally feel that the Rock offers the best view of Manhattan. It was my friend’s first time going up to the viewing platform; I loved watching her taking in the sites all around us! If you ever get the chance to visit NY, I would definitely recommend taking a trip to the Top of the Rock.

I was so surprised by how quiet it was at the landmark. When I went with my family a couple of summers back, there was a massive queue just to get to the top and then people were fighting for the photo opportunity spots. However this time, we were extremely lucky in the fact that we could take as many photos as we wanted, wherever we wanted. It was a so much more relaxed environment and more enjoyable. We also picked a wonderful day to do it; although it was cold, it was sunny and bright.

Above are some of the many photographs that I took of the beautiful view from the top.


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