Our Photographic Outcomes and Exhibition


Our photographs are based around our analysis of the Vogue editorial shoot, ‘Line in the Sand’ and our selected five words to epitomise it: visual contrast, surrealism, whimsical, framing, and unnerving, as well as the fashion accessory of ‘jewellery’.

Above I have inserted the print-outs of our photographic outcomes that we spent two weeks developing and creating as a group. They are the images after they have been shot and edited. We opted for the idea and concept of the woman taking on the role of the pocket watch and the concept that challenges what people perceive the pocket watch to be. The message is that the timeless masculine watch has a place in our modern society in which gender blurring is becoming very integrated into our lives. We felt that this was the strongest and most effective at showing our intention and message and also the one that best utilised our fashion accessory of the pocket watch in the most interesting way. We think that this is the series of images that will capture the viewer’s attention and attract intrigue into our images and the story behind them.



Our photographic outcomes, three A3 photographs, were exhibited adjacent to our written Artist’s Statement. Laying it out like this helps the viewer to instantly know who produced the imagery, the inspiration and the messages.

This exhibition allowed me to also experience what some of the other groups had created and developed. Each group had a different Vogue editorial shoot as inspiration and a varied set of five words which led to completely different outcomes being produced. Some groups used a studio as a setting while others used found locations, some experimented with colour, while others transformed their images to monochrome and some used digital methods post production while others altered their composition by hand.

Here are a few examples of other group’s work:



FCPRachel Fox