Brunch at Bill’s


At the weekend, my mum and sister came to visit me in Nottingham. Whenever my family comes to visit, they kindly take me out for a meal somewhere in the centre. Usually this is one of my independent coffee shops or cafes that I have discovered, however this time we opted for Bill's. I had only ever been to Bill’s once before so it was good to go and try it out again in a different city.

Bill’s is located on Queen Street and is tucked just behind Old Market Square. Bill's is part retailer, part deli, part restaurant; offering everything from breakfast, lunch, dinner and cake, through to huge jars of artichokes, chutneys, cook books and canvas bags.

We arrived just after noon so we received the breakfast, lunch & specials menus to select from. They all had a good range of appealing dishes and unlike some other chain restaurants, there was quite a varied selection for a vegetarian, plant-based eater like myself.

I quite liked the interior in the restaurant: vast ceiling space, grand windows, leather button-back seating and chandeliers. It also has an industrial feel to it with the steel chairs and shelving. I found the atmosphere warm and relaxing, and the surroundings were relaxed so I felt very comfortable.

If you have read some of my food related posts previously, it will be no surprise that I opted for the avocado on toast that came with poached free range eggs and seeds. This is quite a staple dish for me and the dish lived up to my expectations, it was very yummy. It was also presented very nicely on the plate which added to the appeal for me.

My mum went for the superfood omelette with kale, edamame beans, lemon feta, spring onions and smoky tomatoes which was also very delicious. My sister has a very sweet tooth and therefore selected one of the buttermilk pancake options: banana, strawberries, blueberries with Bill’s pancake syrup. She devoured it all; however it looked too sweet for me.

Overall, I really quite liked Bill’s, more that I remembered from the first time I visited. I am definitely planning on returning to try out more of the multiple menu options. I quite fancy trying Bill’s Vegetarian Breakfast, including poached free range eggs, pesto roasted plum tomatoes, mushrooms, tomato hummus, guacamole, basil and toast.


FoodRachel Fox