Jack Davison: The Wider Picture


As part of my Concepts brief, I was set the task of researching and analysing the ‘Line in the Sand’ editorial shoot by Jack Davison that appeared in UK Vogue, the October 2017 edition. I tried to look for connections between the shoot and 2017 world events, our current society and the overall wider picture.

Terror Attacks

The depressing atmosphere and feeling of the images could reflect the devastating terror attacks that have happened in 2017. World disasters seem to occur month on month and therefore it is understandable that people are unsure of who they are and what they believe in.


The United Kingdom is a net importer of goods, both from the EU and the rest of the world. However Brexit has left the UK isolated in Europe which could have dramatic consequences. I feel that this is similar to the message in the editorial: feeling isolated and lonely in society can lead to devastating events, i.e. loss of life.

Genderless and Stereotyping

There has been a rise in the number of genderless collections, both in high-end fashion and among high-street retailers. Brands and individuals are starting to rebel against gender stereotyping and social norms and to fight for equality. This sexism debate carries over to Davison’s editorial shoot as I feel that there is an underlying gender debate: the styling of the model could suggest that gender equality needs to begin to be fully integrated into our society.


FCPRachel Fox